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Expansion activities in the field of security
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:36:45  CTR:880
  BioDuro International Inspection Service Co., Ltd. is a specially designed for multinational buyers and export trade companies to provide trade products quality inspection service of the third party inspection company, is committed to provide a professional inspection and quality technology services to the customer To avoid delays in delivery and product defects! The company was established in 2008, the company set up in Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhejiang,, Shanghai, Shandong, Hebei, and Jiangsu, which are located in the convenient transportation and centralized factories. Security promise According to the needs of customers, in the shortest period of notice to provide inspection services, and can efficiently complete. Company in the second half of 2009 the expansion of the inspection factory, clean workshop 1300 square meters, two water pull, two sets of needle inspection machine, to meet the customer The customer can pull the finished product to the factory, and the packing will be shipped directly after the inspection. Companies to provide inspection agency, inspection trip, sampling, full quality inspection, quality documentary, supervision of loading container, seized goods factory into goods seized, seized goods packing, Tuiyou factory and trade agency services. Factory audit for all kinds of products Check, check, check, early production process of pre shipment inspection and three party inspection agency services, a variety of products factory. After accepting the guest's Commission, confirm the inspection standard, we will send the professional personnel to go to the customer designated Factory inspection, and in a timely manner to the British and Japanese inspection reports sent to the customer e-mail, so that guests at the first time to understand the product inspection results. ??? our range of products include: toys, gifts, ceramics, kitchen utensils, stationery, textile, clothing, home textiles, shoes, hats, bags, leather, furniture, kitchen, home appliances, television, audio, lamps, electric tools, computer , telecommunications equipment, home, bath equipment, hardware, glass, building materials, machinery and other products. The advantage of security: Professional team, after professional training and have inspection experience, to ensure quality. Adequate staff to deal with the different needs of the guests. Flexible arrangements, the company near the inspection request, one day notice can be arranged in advance. Inspection workshop covers an area of large, clean inspection shop to respond to guest needs. Japanese style management, strict control of all quality inspection process. Report to deal with carefully and seriously, there are Chinese and English Japanese language choice. Fair, impartial, standing in the third party's angle, to provide suggestions for the factory. Third party inspection agency; Dongguan inspection services; inspection company, it is looking for security! For more information, please pay attention to http://www.anbaonuoqc.com/!
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