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This service ensures containers are in good condition and secured with SGP seals after loading, to reduce a high risk of product substitution
When loading, our inspectors arrive at factories, warehouses or loading places to check product information, quantity and packaging; supervise the whole loading process and help the manufacturer finish loading under correct and clear working clauses and working processes.
For loading supervision, we use the following procedure:

· Record the weather/ arrival time of container/ container No./ truck No.
· Check the inner & outer condition of container to see if there is any damage/ wetness/ perforation / peculiar smell
· Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons/ pallets)
· Randomly select and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet the customer’ s specifications
· Supervise the whole loading process
· Seal the container with the customs’ seal and SGP seal
· Record the seal Nos. and departure time of contain