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Interim inspection of the production of security
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:38:42  CTR:832
Security is designed to allow buyers and suppliers to be effective and to achieve business cooperation with greater confidence. By the interim inspection of the production of security, to understand the manufacturer's production, product situation, production capacity, etc., to allow buyers to quickly understand their situation. What is the medium term test for? It can ensure that in the production process, the quality of the product is guaranteed, and further to find the problem before the completion of the production as soon as possible to correct the problem. When to start the production of medium-term inspection? When the product 20%-30% is complete, we sample according to the product description and the reference sample, and carry on the sampling inspection to the finished product and the finished product. Intermediate inspection of the overall quality of the overall quality of large goods to play a considerable use, for the early inspection records, see whether there is an improvement in the medium term, and need to check whether there is no new problems, need to re record. Such as clothing products in-line inspection, attention should be paid to the ironing to dry moisture, packaging, packing ratio, quantity, is in accordance with the requirements of; summer need to pay attention to insects and need to factory packaging workshop, windows, ventilation fan, installing a screen window. Hqts (Hansmann group) production intermediate inspection, by the inspector to factory production test of the quality of the products, production schedule and related matters. Product sampling inspection, product sampling inspection process, check the production schedule, put forward to improve the adverse and recommendations. The main inspection points of the medium term are as follows: the production situation, the sampling of semi-finished products and finished products, production lines and production capacity, packaging information and packaging materials, to provide suggestions for improvement.
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