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Initial inspection of the production of the type
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:35:38  CTR:780
  Why the need for initial production inspection? Now although there are many channels to get buyers and suppliers to know each other, such as traditional magazine, show platform; model of e-commerce platform, but the supply procurement blind spot caused by the complexity of the chain so that buyers do not know what the manufacturers in what conditions for their production. And today, more and more buyers need to understand the compliance of the product, based on regulatory conditions and consumer expectations. Security is designed to allow buyers and suppliers to be effective and to achieve business cooperation with greater confidence. Through the initial inspection of the production of security, show the basic situation of manufacturers, production capacity, production machinery and equipment, etc., to allow buyers to quickly understand their situation. How to do the initial production inspection? In the early stage of production, we will be based on the customer's product description and reference samples, the raw materials, parts, accessories, semi-finished and finished parts of the test. Through inspection, predict possible problems and make recommendations to ensure that products meet customer requirements. Example: garment production initial inspection (An Baonuo) Dispatch inspectors, to the factory and the factory workers in the field to work together, to ensure that all workers in production has been fully understand the buyer to develop the product specification. In the pipeline has just been put into operation when, convection waterline inspection, mainly for production line of clothing style, materials, quality, technology, color difference, label, washing, size, the overall appearance effect are examined. A careful examination of the original finished clothes, it is required to pay attention to the clothing style, face accessories, color is correct, check the overall appearance of the effect. Inspection found or can be predicted to the problem, the need to fill in the record, the unreasonable to the factory. The primary inspection point of the initial production inspection: the production line and production capacity of the plant, the plant machinery and equipment, raw materials, main parts and parts, semi-finished products and parts. Different product inspection procedures prepared by the majority of customers of security promise the seized goods, careful, best price, long-term cooperation is preferred and welcomed the inquiry! For more information, please pay attention to the security of international inspection http://www.anbaonuoqc.com/!
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