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Third party inspection agency development opportun
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:35:07  CTR:731
       The latest from the industry association was informed that, after years of restructuring the state-owned background of inspection agencies will start as soon as possible after the completion of the rectification will be pushed to the market, and private laboratories to compete. This means that the current state inspection agencies to more than half of the market share of the market is expected to be broken, with the first mover advantage of the independent third party inspection agency development will usher in opportunities.
  Professional team, after professional training and have inspection experience, to ensure quality.
  Adequate staff to deal with the different needs of the guests.
  Flexible arrangements, the company near the inspection request, one day notice can be arranged in advance.
  Inspection workshop covers an area of large, clean inspection shop to respond to guest needs.
  Japanese style management, strict control of all quality inspection process.
  Report to deal with carefully and seriously, there are Chinese and English Japanese language choice.
  Fair, impartial, standing in the third party's angle, to provide suggestions for the factory.
  For more information, please pay attention to http://www.anbaonuoqc.com/
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