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Security of clothing inspection
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:34:29  CTR:704
  Check the packaging, folding method, clothing label, check the styles, fabrics, accessories. Folding method of quality inspection of plastic bags, plastic bags, printed logo and warnings, plastic bags, stickers and apparel meets customer requirements. Check main label, size mark, washing mark, listing and other signs of content, quality and position is correct, whether to conform to the requirements of data. Check whether the large goods style is consistent with the same, some need to improve the information on whether there is improvement. Also check the clothing fabric, lining, buttons, rivets, zippers and other quality and color is with the original agreement, if meet customer's requirements. Check the style in accordance with the method from top to bottom, from left to right, from the front to the back, from the outside to the inside of the order, to prevent the omission of a part.
  Check work. After checking out packing, can ask the factory staff to assist the removal of plastic bags to facilitate their inspection work. Should first put the clothes to go halves on the table, look at the overall appearance, such as height and skew of the level of access control, pocket, left and right color, armhole not round, curved hem, inside and outside seams are crooked, ironing adverse. And then carefully check each part of the work, such as cloth defects, holes, stains, oil stain, broken, pleat, creping, car line bending, drop pit, double track line, line throwing, pinhole, check mouth turn spit, lining too long or too short, button and rivet leakage missing or incorrect position, bottom gate leakage and thread and so on. The work of the general inspection from top to bottom, from left to right, from the front to the back, from the outside to the inside of the order, to ask the hand to the heart to the heart. Inspection when particular attention to symmetry on clothing, such as pocket, province, yoke joints, the level of access control, foot mouth size, trouser legs, vent length. Check marks on each piece of clothing, to ensure that the main label, size label, washing mark, the listing is consistent and correct.
  Zippers, buttons, rivets, in buckle and other accessories, everything should check the zipper can smooth opening and closing, the self-locking of the zipper is intact, button and rivet is firm, has no cusp, buckle whether normal opening and closing. Function test and take 10~13 dress buttons, zippers, buckle and so on, which is open ten times. If you find a problem, you need to check the number of functions to determine whether there is a problem.
Workmanship checking, attention should be paid to pull a patchwork, including inside and outside the pants seam, before and after the waves seam, side seam for coat, sleeve joint, shoulder joint, seam on the cloth and the surface cloth, the lining of the flat fell seam. Check the patchwork, one can check whether there is disconnection, explosion vents, can check seam on both sides of the surface lining is a color difference, the three can tear fastness of check cloth is firm.
  Different product inspection procedures prepared by the majority of customers of security promise the seized goods, careful, best price, long-term cooperation is preferred and welcomed the inquiry! For more information, please pay attention to the security of international inspection http://www.anbaonuoqc.com/!
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