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Inspection of toys
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:41:08  CTR:716
1, check the box label is correct, there is no wrong printing stencil, useless wrong box. Outside the box printing is in line with the requirements, there is oil or blurred can not accept;
2, check whether the toy tag is complete, whether by mistake;
3, check the toy tag play there is error, position error;
4, found that the packing of the toys have any serious or slight defects must be singled out, to ensure that all qualified products;
6, to understand the customer's packaging requirements and the correct packaging method. Check whether there is any error;
With 7 plastic bags, packaging must be printed on the warning signs, all plastic bags must be perforated at the bottom;
8, to understand whether the customer requirements in the box placed in the specification, warning letters and the like paper;
9, check the box is correct, too extrusion and space are not acceptable;
10, the number of toys inside the box and the number of tags must be consistent, not a few;
11 to check whether the box left with scissors, drills and other packaging tools, and plastic bags, carton sealing;
12, sealing, non transparent tape can not cover the box label text;
13, fill in the correct number, the total number of orders must meet.
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