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Inspection of toys
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:40:29  CTR:736
1 to cut cloth must be placed according to the method of positive and reverse placed on the cutting bed, hair direction;
2. Cutting plush layer does not allow more than 8 layers, thin cloth T / C cloth, nylon cloth, velvet, Ramab and so on does not allow more than 36 layer.
3. Check the cut pieces is and the Conference Board agreement, cut pieces of the upper and the lower error, when error is found should be check cut piece of layers and die cutter blade;
4 pieces of the color is not allowed to have color, must be consistent with the check office. A fade phenomenon may not be rubbing and washing water test;
5 there are white edge of the fabric, cut into the bed when the attention should not be cut into the white, where the pieces of white edge should be regarded as a non qualified products.
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