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Luggage inspection items and attention points
Announcer:asd  Posted On:2016/7/26 9:39:50  CTR:880
1. The overall appearance inspection: a whole to and sign board line, including in front, behind, side in the same size, including every piece of cut pieces and sign board consistent, materials and sign board match. Cloth is straight lines not cut into diagonal to along the lines laid. As a whole should not be deformed, skew, unbalanced, accessory pocket should be parallel. Should not be high or low. Zipper is straight, not be deflected, should not be left high and lower in the right or the right high left low. The surface should be smooth, not too wrinkled. If the cloth is printed or lattice and accessory pouch lattice with the main body of the lattice match, not misplaced.
2. Inspection of cloth: cloth if drawnwork, line diameter, slub, cloth cut rotten, perforation, * *, whether there is a difference before and after the bags Yan, left and right part of chromatic aberration, of inner and outer bag colours don't match, color.
3 car joint inspection note: sewing line burst, skipping, leakage needle, stitching not straight, bending, turning corners, suture car to the edge of the cloth, sewn rabbet is too small or too big, car suture of color and fabric color to match, but depending on customer specific requirements and sometimes customers may asks red cloth car white line, saying that hit the color, is rare
4 zipper inspection (inspection) Note: zipper is not smooth, zipper damaged or missing teeth, zipper brand off, leakage zipper, zipper licensing, rejection of oil, rust, etc.. Zipper should not be the embryo front, scraping hands, edges, corners, etc.. Zipper brand is the fuel injection, electroplating, according to the fuel injection, plating easy to appear defect inspection zipper.
5. Arm in arm with the shoulder strap inspection (inspection): about 21LBS (LB) force, can not pull pull off rejection, such as the shoulder strap is ribbon, ribbon check whether drawnwork, roving, ribbon surface whether pilling, reference sign board is ribbon thickness and density. Check the arm or shoulder strap is connected to the back shaped buckle, rings, Diaokou: if it is metal should pay attention to the fuel injection or plating defects, if it is plastic, to check whether there is Phi Feng, side angle. Inspection of the rubber chain is easy to break, generally about 21LBS (pounds) pull pull rings, clasps, back to the shape of the button, check damage and fracture. If is buckle, buckle inserted into the buckle shall hear the crisp sound "beep" sound, about 15LBS (LB) force repeatedly pulled a few, check whether the left pull.
6 inspection: check whether the rubber band rubber band drawnwork, glue should not be exposed, elastic and requirements are equal, sewing is strong.
7 magic stick: check the adhesion of the magic stick, the magic stick should not be exposed, that is, two magic stickers on the bottom of the match, can not be misplaced.
8. The nest nail: to maintain the whole bag, usually with rubber or plastic rod connected with a cloth, with Wo nails fixed, check Wo nails' export 'also called open' flower ', to round Shun, not cracking, don't scratch hand.
9 inspection 'LOGO' screen printing or embroidery: silk screen should be clear, strokes even, do not appear uneven thickness. Should pay attention to the embroidery position, pay attention to the thickness of the embroidery letter or pattern, curvature, bending, line color, and so on line with the check board, pay attention to the embroidery thread can not loose.
10 shrink wheat: check the composition of the product, NO Part, Design Who, Country Product Which. Check Label Position Sewing.
For adult use of bags, generally does not require the flammability of the product, effective detection, for arm in arm, shoulder straps, sewing tension nor specific provisions, as required by the different styles of bags bearing is not the same. But opponents in the arm and the car to bear not less than 15LBS (pounds) of force, or 21LBS (pounds) of the standard pull, usually do not require laboratory testing, generally do not require tension test, unless the guests have special requirements. But for children and infants using bag, hanging bag, put forward higher requirements, the flammability of the product, * *, security detection, for hanging on the shoulders or set in Bo sub band, food buckle, or with Velcro connection, or by adopting the sewing. This ribbon with 15LBS (pounds) pulling force or 21LBS (LB) force, the tape must be open, otherwise they will be entangled in Bo, that asphyxia and pose a hazard to life. For the use of plastic bags on the handbags, metal to meet the safety standards for toys.
Different product inspection procedures prepared by the majority of customers of security promise the seized goods, careful, best price, long-term cooperation is preferred and welcomed the inquiry! For more information, please pay attention to the security of international inspection http://www.anbaonuoqc.com/!
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